Newsies, US Capitol



f/11 1/100 sec 12mm ISO 200


Thankfully, I don't see many 8 year old's working for a living any more, so there's a sign of progress in the 100 years since this shot was taken.

Lewis Wickes Hine captioned the original photo: In comparison with governmental affairs newsies are small matters. This photo taken in the shadow of the National Capitol where the laws are made. This group of young newsboys sells on the Capitol grounds every day, ages 8 yrs., 9 yrs., 10 yrs., 11 yrs., 12 yrs. The only boy with a badge, was the 8 yr. old, and it didn't belong to him. Names are Tony Passaro, 8 yrs. old, 124 Schottes Alley, N.E.; Joseph Passaro, 11 yrs. old, (has made application for badge); Joseph Mase (9 yrs. old), 122 Schottes Alley. Joseph Tucci, (10 yrs. old) 411 1/2 5th St., N.E. Jack Giovanazzi, 228 Schottes Alley, 12 yrs. old. Is in ungraded school for incorrigibility in school.