World Trade Center Burning, September 11, 2001



f/14 1/250 sec 12mm ISO 200


I don't have a 9/11 story. I watched everything happen on television, from the safety of my home in suburban Virginia. When people were running for their lives as the buildings came down or running desperately to save the lives of complete strangers, I was eating a bowl of cereal.

What I can say about 9/11 is that it marked the transition from childhood to adulthood in my life. I'm 32 now, and I had just turned 21 when the attacks happened. My life is cleanly split into pre-9/11 childhood and post-9/11 adulthood. I've often wondered what the long term effect will be of a generation of people who equate changing from adolescence into an adult with fear.

Original photo taken from the Brooklyn Promenade, courtesy of Michael Foran, who very graciously allowed me to use a number of his images for this project. Please check out the rest of his 9/11 set.

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