Capitol Cornucopia, Washington, DC



f/11 1/320 sec 12mm ISO 200


This is just adorable.

The caption for the original photo: California claims of being cornucopia demonstrated on Capitol steps. Washington, D.C., May 29. San Diego, Calif., sent a delegation from its Chamber of Commerce to Washington today to plump for a national highway, 'The Broadway of America' from San Diego to New York and to remind folks in the east about the Golden Gate Exposition, but the girls who dressed themselves to represent different California fruits stole the show as they mingled with the crowd to distribute samples of the products from California. Senator Sheridan Downey of California, joined the girls to help distribute the fruit. Left to right, front: Margaret Downey, daughter of the Senator, representing apricots; Mrs. I.D. Kirkland, wine; Patricia Grady, fig; back row: Mrs. Francis Kerr, daughter of Rep. John H. Tolan of Calif., representing orange; Happy Isaac, daughter of Rep. Ed V. Isaac, representing the date; Sen. Downey, Jane Downey, daughter of the Senator, representing the grape.

Original photo taken on May 29, 1939, courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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